Member Testimonials

Hello, I saw three sativa strains that I thought to be AAA. Other dispensaries I’ve been to might have one AAA. If they have a AAA sativa, it’ll be $14 a gram. Apparently $12/g is last year. I prefer your quality and price, I’ll be back. -anonymous


I normally won’t say ‘thank you’ everytime, even though I have been consistently ‘very pleased’ with each and everytime with C.F

That is pretty chunky budshake, as I have known such in the past.  thank you. I would not even dishonour such nice shake with an expectation of such quality shake everytime I were to order it.  I consider the quality of this shake a gift.  thank you, again.  In fact, many thanks.  :)
(i smoked a small j of enough ‘chunks’ of a dark purple color, strong taste of grape crush, and just an unbelievable high.  want to try more of that again. wow.)

not to mention the black hash and pink og, which just perfect.  I love that pink og.  Same/similar to ‘Pink Rock’?  difference?

You are the best, CF.
– bp

First off if your reading this you have already waited too long to go to Canna Farmacy. This is my personal go to spot hands down. They have the best highest quality smoke around as well as hash that is out of this world. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. All of them are very familiar with the medication on the shelf as well so they can point you in the right direction for your condition. I love this place and you will too trust me! I usually go to the Kingsway one but I live in Kits so this is my new go to spot! Thanks for coming into the hood guys – joeybotong029

Love these guys. They are very friendly and helpful. They have a rather small, but good selection of items for purchase. They could definately use a womans touch on the decor, but it is functional. Needs some warm colours and a menu board would be great. But all in all, I give it a two thumbs up! I would certainly recommend this store to a friend. memb.#345 – Joyboy53


There are many dispensaries to choose from in the area but I always do all my purchases from Canna Farmacy. Their staff are very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They have a great selection of different strains and edibles and their value is great for your dollar. – jtroupe


Out of all the dispensary’s I have been to this one is by far the most professional. This dispensary always has top quality medicine every time I go as well as strains I can not find anywhere else (all the weed so far that I have smoked was properly cured and trim etc). By far CFMS has the best chronic in Vancouver IMHO. – Joshua604


Very much a just a store felt kind of spot but super clean and bright, well located by a lot of bus routs and with some super friendly staff With a few seconds of paper work they’ll accept any membership from any other cannaclub Great variety of prices and potency Also they have a strain here I have found NO WHERE else, it’s amazing Pinky and the brain, totally worth spoiling yourself to try this stuff.– chronfused


One of the best if not the best service I have received. The Customer Service I got at Canna Farmacy was outstanding. There was one gentleman one I arrived he was very friendly and welcoming answered all my questions in regards to membership he helped me sign up right away as I had my proper documentation with me. I let him know a little about my medicinal needs. I suffer from Chronic lower back pain/sciatica and a few other health issues. I inquired on a few of the flowers they had and he was very knowledgeable. I had no money on me as I had not planned on stopping in I had just noticed it while walking by. It was already around 545 maybe 6 pm and they were closing at 7 pm. I was so impressed by the customer service that I immediately rushed to bank and made it back in time to pick up some great meds. Ultimately I decided to see how flower known as “Girl Scout Cookies” would help my medical needs and I gotta say I was highly impressed not only was it smooth but the effects were immediate. I will and do reccommend trying GSC if possible and also stopping in and signing up with Canna Farmacy customer service is superb and I got my official member card right away didn’t even have to get a paper temp one like other places. The atmosphere was great nice and bright very clean and tidy. Will be going back for sure– mrb56


Canna Farmacy is a great dispensary for my medication. The people working there have a ton of knowledge of all the different strains. I have depression and insomnia so I need a good sativa for day and strong Indica for night time use. Every strain I have tried has done the trick. They even provide a free gram on your birthday! It was my birthday this past weekend and I was more then stocked on the 1.5G bag of Strawberry Cough I got for my birthday! If you live or are visiting the Vancouver BC area, CHECK OUT THIS CLUB! – akazimirski


Glad I stumbled across this place. First impressions: clean, safe atmosphere, exceptional staff service. New dispensary, with a growing menu, focusing on top quality buds. I left with some of the best sativas ive ever tried, and a new goto place.– darkk


Canna Farmacy is a GREAT organization truly dedicated to helping patients and showing concern for overall health and wellness (Including special assistance to less fortunate folks). Canna Farmacy offers much more personal one on one service to their clients than most places. The setting inside is very calming and relaxing. CFMS is also very dedicated in educating its clients, from benefits of cannabis to nutrition and wellness information. They offer a SWEET variety of premium top shelf only strands to choose from. I have personally sampled, tested, and literally put CFMS’s Cannabis strands under the microscope and have verified that they only carry premium top shelf strands that are 100% organic. Superb client care, excellent selections of the highest quality, and 100% committed to improving quality of life. Now that’s Bout it Bout it! I am Samson Simpson and I approve of Canna Farmacy. Its the dispensary of choice – Samson_Simpson


If you’re a member somewhere else, its super speedy to get your membership here. Decent selection and I can’t wait to try them all!! #newplace #newface #discreet – vancitychu


The staff at Canna Farmacy are great and offer a knowledge and passionate service to all their members. The selection is awesome with great prices to match. I highly recommend anyone in need of a high quality dispensary to go check it out. #129 – residente


the staff here are very personable and contribute greatly to the positive shopping experience I experience each and I time i make a purchase here. They almost always can get the answers that you need but if they don’t know they are very quick to say so and then find out what you need to know. I highly recommend them. The selection and sliding scale are great. – VanMichael


Friendly, caring attitude. Thanks for all advocates who have made this service possible. – jmsmith


l truly enjoy the privacy given to each client while purchasing. the staff is very informed and passionate about their products. The environment is safe, clean and professional. I refer anyone to enjoy to come and enjoy as well– tbedard66


popped in randomly a few months ago for a little chat and I haven’t been to another dispensary since. Great quality and selection of meds, excellent pricing and personable, friendly service. I highly recommend. 1079 – bond.blackwell


I am writing this to you because your staff’s professionalism and neighbourliness are completely unmatched. I despise walking into other dispensary’s as they foster such a cold and harsh atmosphere. I feel like cattle going through a slaughterhouse at other places. You guys are doing it best in Vancouver, please keep the quality service and meds up and the prices down, which you have been doing a perfect job of! – jon604


I stopped by Thursday at Canna Farmacy for the first time. The selection was superb – I picked up their Ace OG, White widow and Girl Scout Cookies:) I’m SO happy a Dispensary has finally opened up nearby!
 – kathytrang302



Friendly staff and gives professional service. Great selection of good bud as well with fair prices. #2034
 – blabla2313
Excellent service, very friendly, always helpful. Will be my goto. #1434
– Petjack
Awsome staff. Great selection. Good source of consumables. Member 1420
 – NetDjinn
Best edibles! Sweet Lucys all the way!
 – samma
I received very friendly & discrete service. Great meds. #1410
– Normajean3